REVIEW: the vegamix snack box – november

I had my birthday last month, and I really didn’t know what to ask. Then I remembered that there are so many subscription services out there, and I have always been curious about them. Therefore, I asked my sisters for a subscription and they chose this vegan snack box. First, I have to say that the delivery was great: I was there on the first of the month, just as they promised. It did however barely fit the mailbox, so I had some difficulty getting it out of there. On the outside, it looked a bit small, but when I opened it, I was surprised at how many snacks were in there. In this November box there were 17 snacks, which I will discuss in greater detail.

Vegamix ships to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but if your live outside of those countries, it says on the website that you can contact them. This box costs €34.95 for 16-20 snacks, but they also offer a smaller box for €19.95 for 8-10 snacks. Visit their website at: Now let’s get into these snacks!


Urban fruit – gently baked perfect pineapple


Just some dried pineapple with no additives, what more is there to say? I am not a huge fan of pineapple, but I don’t mind it. I did like the flavour and the texture (the pieces are not too hard or dry), but if I would buy this snack again, I would probably go for the mango flavour. I had that one before and it is great!




Snact – apple and raspberry fruit jerky

The ingredients for this are again straight forward: just apples and raspberries. What I also really like is that they use unwanted ugly food to tackle food waste and that their packaging is compostable.




Jealous sweets – fizzy friends

It has been quite a while since I have had any sort of gummy candy, so this is great! I also prefer not to have a giant bag at a time, so this size is perfect for a snack!




LoveRaw – cacao & spirulina organic snack bar

I have never heard of this company before, and since I am not raw, I would most likely not pick this out myself; but that is what I like about the idea of a subscription box, trying new things! The flavour of this bar was nice, but the texture was amazing; it is soft but with crunchy bits. I really enjoyed this one.



Inspiral – raspberry coconut pecks

I have never seen this before; flavoured coconut chips! I love raspberries, so this can hardly be anything but delicious!



The raw chocolate co – raw chocolate raisins

I had never heard of raw chocolate covered raisins before, but they look delicious. I mean, anything covered in chocolate is delicious 😉




Pulsin – almond & raisin raw choc brownie

This bar does not only have delicious ingredients (cashews, dates, almonds and cacao), but also some green tea extract and chicory fibre for some healthy snacking!


IMG_0007Clifbar – white chocolate macadamia nut flavour

It may come as a shock to you, but I have never had a Clifbar before… And because this flavour is called white chocolate, I would never think it is vegan, so this is a complete new discovery for me! Seeing that macadamias (together with pecans) are one of my favourite nuts, this has to be good.


The primal pantry – apple & pecan raw paleo barIMG_0016

Made from only 5 ingredients, this bar sounds like it will taste of apple pie: almonds, pecans, dates, apple and pecan; how much better can it get? This tasted really delicious; sweet and nutty. It truly felt like a healthy version of an apple pie!


IMG_0009Bounce – coconut cumin V life

A protein ball with cumin flavour; now that is something different. I really like the captain curry bar form JustNuts, which has a similar idea behind it. This would be perfect if you crave something a bit more savoury, but still full of healthy plant fats and protein from almonds, peas, rice and coconut.


Trek – toffee triumph protein energy chunksimg_0011.jpg

I have only ever had the chocolate and chocolate-coconut trek bars, and I love them. I think the soya protein crunchies really make a big difference, because I love food that has different textures.


img_0010.jpgFitBites – pineapple baobab

As I said before, pineapple is not really my thing and I have never even heard of baobab, but I am willing to try everything. I think it is great that this brand donates to children’s fitness projects, so you can feel good about your snacking ;). I did however not like the flavour, the acidity from the pineapple made me think a little bit about vomit. I will turn down this one in the future.


Vivani – organic chocolate crispy corn flakesIMG_0017

This is a rice-milk chocolate bar with crispy cornflakes. I said before that I am a sucker for foods with different textures, so I am excited about this one. My past experience with rice milk chocolate have not been that great however, so I think I would prefer dark chocolate, but I will definitely give this a go.


IMG_0019Doisy & Dam – maple, toasted rice and pink salt dark chocolate

Now this is what I am talking about! Some good dark chocolate with crunchy bits. I also think that salt makes everything better. If you live in the Netherlands, you should definitely try the Tony Chocolonely dark with almonds and seasalt. This bar however was pretty okay, but the maple and salt flavour were very mild. So mild I couldn’t really detect it. The toasted rice was nice and crunchy, so that was nice.


Organica – golden coconut delightIMG_0012


Do you miss Bounty bars? This coconut filled dark chocolate bar would be a great substitute. Seeing that I prefer dark chocolate anyway, this is even better! It was less sweet than a regular Bounty bar, but to me that is a good thing.


IMG_0006Clearspring – tamari roasted Sicilian almonds

Yes, another savoury snack! Just reading that these almonds have been flavoured with mirin and soy sauce makes me want to have sushi right now. Having this as a snack is probably more convenient  than actual sushi though.


Lenny & Larry’s – the complete cookie oatmeal raisinIMG_0020

Holy moly, this is a big cookie! I am not that big on raisins in cookies (the texture is to mushy to me) but I tried it and it was great! The entire cookie is quite soft, so the texture of the raisins didn’t stand out at all. It was however, way too big for me to eat in one go. Therefore, I split it in half. But hey, now I got to enjoy it two times 😉


Let me know what you think of this box, what item would you want to snack on? Let me know in the comments below! See you soon!

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