My manicure favourites

Sometimes in winter my hands get super dry, especially after doing dishes, cleaning or washing my hands a lot. Therefore, I like to give myself a manicure every once in a while. Today I want to share my favourite products for treating your hands, so let’s get started!


  1. Cleaning your nails

I always start by cleaning my nails with nail polish remover. I tend to use one with acetone, because I think a remover without acetone just contains other solvents that aren’t good for your nails either. After that I clip and file my nails, so they are all short and even.


  1. Scrubbing

Ever since I first tried this on a winter holiday, I have been in love with this hand scrub; the Miracle Scrub – Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba by the Rituals. It makes your hands super soft and it smells great. I unfortunately saw that it has changed to a new lay-out, so I suggest you try their new scrub, the ritual of Ayurveda, in store first!


  1. Hand crème

After scrubbing I like to use a hand crème to soften my hands even more. Because I sometimes like to use my hand crème in public places, I prefer a hand crème with a neutral scent or no scent at all. This unscented hand crème by Neutrogena is my favourite, because it is free of any smells and it is really concentrated. Therefore, you only need a little bit and it doesn’t leave your hands tacky or sticky. It dries quickly and leaves your hands soft!


  1. Polish

After treating my hands, I sometimes polish my nails. Unfortunately studying medicine, I am sometimes obliged to have clean nails, so most of the times I don’t bother with painting them. If I polish them however, I do like it to last. Therefore, I am a fan of the Sally Hanson – Diamond shine base & top coat. It dries super quickly, so that is definitely a big plus! One of my favourite colours to use afterwards, especially in fall, is 243 by Kiko Milano. This colour is a lovely deep purplish red. Seeing that I bought it a while back, I don’t think it is currently available, but judging from the website 226 Rouge Noir comes pretty close. Of course finish off with a layer of top coat!


Do you have any favourite products to use for your manicures? Let me know below!

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