HOME DECOR IDEA: Christmas deer head with fairy lights

Ever since I had a jumper by H&M with a deer on it that said “Oh dear”, I have been obsessed with deer. Or anything with antlers to be honest. Even though I love them year-round, around Christmas I tend to go a little bit extra crazy. So today I thought I’d show you how I turned this 3D wooden deer head into the perfect Christmas decoration. The one I bought is from a Dutch store called the HEMA, but you can find countless others on sites like Ebay. Feel free of course to add different decorations to your deer head. I plan on adding a red pompon to the nose of my deer when it comes closer to Christmas! All right, let’s get started!

The things you will need for this DIY:

  • 3D wooden deer head, mine is from the HEMA, but you can find plenty on Ebay
  • A small chain of battery operated fairy lights, mine had 20 lights
  • Batteries
  • A pair of scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Nails or a piece of wire to hang it on your wall
  • Decorations (optional):
    • A bow
    • A red pompon as a nose
    • A small Santa hat
    • Anything you’d like!


  1. Complete your deer head according to your 3D package
  2. Decide where to place the battery of your fairy lights, mine could be placed between two pieces near the back, where it was nearly invisible. Tape it down with double sided tape
  3. Twist the chain of fairy lights around the antlers and make sure it is secure
  4. Decorate your deer; I added a black bow to its neck
  5. Fasten your deer head to the wall, I used a combination of wire through the holes of the back piece and double-sided tape
  6. Add your batteries and switch on the light!


I am curious to see what decorations you would add! Let me know how you would customize your deer head in the comments below!

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