GIFT IDEA: hand made baby booties

Do you have a pregnant friend? Do you also struggle with getting original gifts? Are you on a tight budget? I have found the perfect DIY for you! This project is a perfect little gift to add a personal touch to your present. They are also easy and pretty quick to make if you have a bit of experience with crochet. I think they would also make a cute stocking filler for any new moms/soon-to-be moms on Christmas.

The pattern I used can be found here:

The only things I changed were some simplifications, so that I only had to buy one type of yarn:

  • I only used one colour
  • I didn’t make the belt

Even with these simplifications, they still are super cute. A couple of people around me have gotten children in these last few months, and these baby booties have been a showstopper. Everybody wowed when you tell them you have made them yourself, while they are actually pretty simple to make. One of my friends even asked me to make them for their aunt. Of course you don’t have to start mass producing these for all the pregnant women in your surroundings, but please give them a try, because I absolutely love these.

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