REVIEW: Corkcicle thermos

I know that it isn’t even winter yet, but I am getting colder. And there is (almost) nothing I love more than a hot beverage on a cold day. But getting coffee every day at university will cost me a pretty penny, so I prefer not to buy coffee or tea there every day. That is why recently I have invested some money into a good thermos, just to see if I would enjoy it. And oh man, my life has been changed! I really wouldn’t want to live without my thermos anymore. Every day I get to enjoy a hot cup of tea with my lectures, while not breaking the bank! So today I thought I would share my experience with my Corkcicle thermos.


  • I love the design, it is simple and elegant: I have one in grey (left) and one in copper (right)
  • It doesn’t leak at all! I can just throw this in my backpack and not worry about it a bit!
  • The big one is big enough for 0.47L/16 oz. of tea, so approximately two cups of deliciousness
  • The small one holds 0.24L/8 oz. of, which could be a nice size for coffee (I actually ordered a small one online, but I received a big one instead, so I also use a big thermos for coffee, I just do not fill it all the way)
  • It keeps your coffee/tea perfectly hot (up to 12 hours) or cold (up to 25 hours); when I tested it with boiling water, it was still 74 degrees Celsius after 6 hours.


I can only think of two negatives, one is more general:

  • If you use a thermos for coffee once, it will always leave a little bit of a coffee taste. That is why I actually have one for tea and one for coffee

The second negative is more specifically for Corkcicle;

  • It keeps my tea so hot, that I actually end up burning my tongue sometimes! But I rather have a thermos that keeps my tea so hot, I have to add some cold water at home, than one that doesn’t keep my tea warm at all.

To summarize: I am super happy with these thermos flasks, if you are able to pick one up, I think you will definitely enjoy them! Let me know if you have a different brand of thermos you really like, I would love to hear your suggestions.

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