RECIPE: almond flavoured soy cappuccino

This is just a very quick and easy recipe to make a flavoured cappuccino. I like  coffee in all its forms: black, cappuccino, latte, cortado, espresso. You name it, I like it. Some days however, I like some extra flavour in my coffee, which is why I sometimes buy flavoured Nespresso coffee cups by Café Royal; their almond, hazelnut and caramel coffees are really nice. But even if you can’t get hold of those, you can enjoy a flavoured coffee, all you need is coffee, almond extract (or any other flavouring) and soy milk. I prefer soy milk over almond milk because in my experience it foams up better. Alright let’s make this flavoured cappuccino.


  • 65 mL of soy milk
  • A drop of almond extract
  • 110 mL of coffee, I used L’OR ristretto cup for Nespresso


  1. Add your almond extract to your soy milk
  2. Heat your soy milk in the microwave for 30 seconds on high
  3. Foam up your milk with a (handheld) milk foamer
  4. Add your coffee, stir and enjoy!

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