RECIPE: Terry’s chocolate orange flavoured chocolate milk

I love a nice hot chocolate every once in a while, especially now that it is getting rainier and windier here in Holland. Last weekend I visited my sister in the UK and I couldn’t resist buying a Terry’s chocolate orange. Normally I am a big dark chocolate lover, but this creamy milk chocolate with orange oil is simply too good to resist. Because of the milk chocolate, this recipe is not vegan, but you could probably make something similar with dark chocolate and orange extract.

This hot cocoa turned out even more delicious than I thought it would. It was however a bit too sweet for my taste with 3 segments, so I suggest you try it with 2 first. I would 100% recommend using a milk foamer to foam your (soy) milk, because that gives it that foamy top you would usually get by adding whipped cream. This is a slightly healthier option that also saves you the effort of buying and whipping cream.

If you would prefer another snack inspired drink, definitely check out my peanut butter cup hot chocolate here: RECIPE: peanut butter cup hot chocolate. Now let’s get to making this indulgent drink!


  • 2-3 pieces of Terry’s chocolate orange (this equals around 20 grams)
  • 150 mL of (soy) milk


  1. Melt your chocolate orange pieces in the microwave on high in 10 second intervals, make sure you don’t burn your chocolate!
  2. Warm and foam your milk, I used a Krups xl2000 milk foamer, but you could just as well warm your milk in the microwave and use a hand foamer
  3. Add your milk to the chocolate and stir until smooth
  4. Enjoy!


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