REVIEW: rimmel provacalips liquid lipstick

I love a lipstick that stays on your lips no matter what you do. This liquid lipstick by Rimmel London definitely ticks that box. I can eat and drink whatever and this does not move. That also brings me to the only downside of these lipsticks: taking it off is quite a difficult process, you need a very good make-up remover. However, with an oil-based make-up remover you should be able to get it off. Another small downside is that I think the transparent gloss (step 2) runs out quicker than the actual lipstick. In this review I want to show you three different colours; 420 Berry seductive, 730 make your move and 550 play with fire. I will show you these colours first and tell you my pros and cons at the end.

First of all a swatch of the three colours on my hand. From left to right you can see 550 play with fire, 420 berry seductive and 730 make your move. You can see here that the lipstick is verry liquid at first, but starts to dry down pretty quickly in the centre of the swatch.


Let’s now look at the colours individually. This colour is my least favourite of the three I own; 420 Berry seductive. It is slightly more pinkish than I like, but I have worn it quite often anyway.

The next colour is a nude, “your lips but better”-colour that is perfect for every day. This is 730 make your move. This colour is the most easy to apply, just because it is less obvious if your lips are not completely symmetrical.

The last colour I am sharing with you, 550 play with fire, is my absolute favourite of the three. It is this nice deep red colour, even though it looks a bit pinkish in the picture. In real life it is a bit darker, more like the colour of the tube on the top picture.



  • Easy to apply
  • Dries down quickly
  • Vibrant colour in just one coat
  • Stays through everything and does not smudge at all
  • Easy to see which colour is in which tube (so easy to find the right colour in your collection)



  • Difficult to remove (use a good, oil-based remover!)
  • Dries your lips out a bit
  • The gloss (step 2) runs out a bit quicker than the colour (step 1)

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