REVIEW: Estée Lauder double wear concealer


Not too long ago I wanted to buy some higher quality make-up for myself, including a nice concealer. Not knowing which one to buy, I stumbled upon this miniature version of the Estée Lauder double wear concealer which also includes a miniature of their advanced night repair eye cream. Seeing that I do not really know what to expect from an eye cream, I just wanted to focus on the concealer for the try-on. The price of this set was only 7-8 euros at my local Ici paris XL, so I would definitely advise you to buy this set if you want to try it out for yourself. One downside is that this set only comes in one colour: 02 light medium.

First of all, I enjoy this packaging, with the box that would be perfect as a small present underneath the Christmas tree or as a stocking filler. The tissue paper with the Estée Lauder print gives me a very luxurious feeling.


I enjoy the doe foot applicator; I prefer it over the brush like applicators, because I feel you get more use out of your product this way. On the right you can see the swatch on my hand; you can see it is pretty opaque.


But of course, the real test is trying it on and comparing the before and after, so here we go. This is before:

Estée lauder double wear concealer before

And this is after:

Estée lauder double wear concealer after

As you can see, the darkness on the outside of my eye is a lot lighter after applying the concealer. I think it looks really natural and makes me look more awake. I will definitely buy this concealer again, I am just not sure if I will buy this small version again (because that is perfect to just throw in your bag) or a bigger one.

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