REVIEW: Yankee candle advent calendar

In the last couple of years, Black Friday has been making its way to the Netherlands. Previous years I haven’t shopped on Black Friday, but this year I was on a boat to the UK and I was lured into a duty-free shop. There I found the Yankee candle section, and I just had to buy something. Because it is almost Christmas, this advent calendar caught my eye. I know this is a bit late for this year, but maybe this will give you an idea for next year. This advent calendar includes 23 tealights (burn time up to 6 hours, my experience is that they burn for around 5) and one votive candle (burn time up to 15 hours). The tea lights are all in a very nice clear plastic cup.

The scents included in this calendar are:

Christmas garland (green): this candle smells a bit earthy, like a Christmas tree, but milder.

Winter glow (white): this candle smells really fresh and clean, which is nice for the variation in the calendar, because the other candles are a bit heavier. This scent is also great if you are not a big fan of very sweet smells.

Star anise and orange (beige): to be honest, I do not smell a lot of orange or star anise in this candle, it smells more like a mixed spice biscuit: sweet and slightly spicy.

Festive cocktail (red): this to me smells like sweet mixed berries. I imagine that this is a great candle all year round, so if you don’t burn them all running up to Christmas, this would also be a nice candle to burn in spring or summer.

Snowflake cookie (pink): this candle smells like sweet vanilla cookies, which makes sense, because this is after all a cookie scent.

Sparkling cinnamon (red): this candle is my favourite, but I am a huge cinnamon lover. I don’t know how a candle could smell sparkling, but I like it! It smells lovely, spicy and sweet; a bit like a cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven.

Christmas eve (red): this is the last candle in the advent calendar and it is supposed to smell like orange, almond, lime, lemon, berries, cinnamon and nutmeg. I am sure this will be perfect for Christmas eve!


If you are looking for an affordable advent calendar this year, but you don’t want to get one with chocolate, I would definitely recommend this one. I think it is a lot of fun to get a present every day, and the scented candles are lovely. They make your house smell festive every day running up to Christmas. The candles burn quite long, but I did have some problems re-lighting them if I had blown them out the day before.

I hope you found this review helpful, let me know if you have any experience with this of other advent calendars!

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