DIY: pink herringbone knit pillowcase

For me knitting is a way of relaxing after a day of studying: Netflix, a hot cup of tea and my latest knitting project are my ingredients for a perfect evening. I normally mostly make scarfs, because knitting simple patterns is easier to combine with watching a movie or series. However, when I saw this herringbone stitch, I thought it would be perfect for a pillowcase. That is why I wanted to share my newest knitting project with you: a pink herringbone knit pillowcase.

This stitch is quite simple to do if you have basic knitting skills and know how to knit and purl. It is easier to watch than to explain in text, so I suggest you watch the video below:

Herringbone stitch

The things you need to make a 25×25 cm pillowcase:

  • 120 grams of yarn with a width of 7-8 (this equals around 205 m)
  • Knitting needles in 7 or smaller (this will make the knit a bit tighter)
  • A big needle to stitch it tighter in the end
  • And of course a 25×25 cm pillow


  1. Cast on 65 stitches
  2. *Knit two stitches together in the back loop, only remove the first* repeat until the last stitch
  3. *Purl two stitches together in the front loop, only remove the first* repeat until the last stitch
  4. Repeat 2 and 3 until your work is around 60 cm long
  5. Fasten off your work

Fold the short sides of your work up to create a square, slightly overlapping. Have the wrong side of your work facing outwards, see the pictures (on the pictures I have the right side facing outwards, sorry for that).



Fasten this by stitching the sides together. Flip inside out.



Stuff with your pillow and you’re done!


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