DIY: hand-made snow globe Christmas cards

Christmas cards can become a bit expensive or sometimes or you just can’t find the type you are looking for. That is why I love making my own Christmas cards! To be completely honest, I haven’t made my own cards for years, but I used to when I was younger. Then I went trough a period when I just bought my cards because I didn’t want to put in the effort. However, this year I had some inspiration for a snow globe Christmas card. It is possible that somebody else has also thought of this idea, but I came up with this myself, so any similarities are purely coincidental. It took me a little bit less than 2 hours to make 10 cards.

The things you will need per card:

  • One plain card (A6)
  • Two sheets of clear plastic, slightly bigger than your circle
  • A small piece of white paper
  • A piece of coloured paper (I used silver)
  • A piece of decorative ribbon (I used this awesome one from the HEMA with red reindeer)

Hand made snow globe christmas cards supplies

Other things you will need

  • Something to draw a circle with
  • A marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A placemat to protect your table

To make this card, first cut a circular hole in the front of your card. Use your coloured paper and cut a wedge to form the base of your snow globe. Glue on the base below the cut hole. Your card should look like this.

Hand made snow globe christmas cards step 1.2

Now add a piece of plastic to the inside of your card, covering the hole. Add glue around the circle you cut out to fasten the plastic. Then add some finely cut pieces of white paper to the top. It is easiest to fold your white paper a couple of times and to first cut strips, which can then be cut into squares.Christmas card snowglobe step 2.2

Add glue to the perimeter of the circle again and add your second piece of plastic. The white pieces of paper should now be sandwiched between the plastic. Make sure you glue all the way around to prevent “snow” from leaking out. Giving your friends something to vacuum isn’t very Christmassy ;).

Now use a marker to go around the edges on the front of your card and add decorations to your liking. I added the reindeer ribbon, but you could add glitter, regular ribbon, text, anything you like! In some of the cards I wrote “merry Christmas” behind the plastic, so you can see it behind the snow. And you are done!

Hand made snowglobe christmas cards 3

TIP: like glitter? You can also mix some glitter in to your snow for an extra bit of sparkle.

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