REVIEW: Max Factor lipfinity lip colour 110 passionate

If you have seen my review of the Rimmel London provocalips (which you can find here: LINK), you know that I love a lip that lasts through everything. I love the ease of not having to think about my lipstick throughout the day, whatever I may eat or do. That is why I wanted to try a new brand this week, the Max Factor lipfinity. Because I love a good red lip, I bought the colour 110 passionate. I ordered it online and I thought it would be a more mauve colour, but this colour is fine anyway. The packaging is nice, the box gives it a little bit more of a luxury feeling.


These lipsticks, like the ones from Rimmel, come with two steps. The Max Factor ones come in two tubes however. The lip colour itself, step 1, comes with a doe foot applicator. The lip balm, step 2, comes in a stick. I think I prefer the stick format for the balm over the kind of gloss that Rimmel London provacalips have. I do think however, that it is slightly less convenient that you have to take two tubes in your make up bag.

First, with all liquid lipsticks, I make sure I don’t have any dry scabs on my lips, because (matt) lipsticks can exaggerate those.

max factor 110 passionate before

Next, I applied the lip colour. You have to let this dry for 60 seconds without your lips touching each other. I think the application is pretty simple to do with the applicator.

max factor 110 passionate step 1

After that I added a coat of the lip balm, which added a bit of shine and a more comfortable feeling to this lip look.

max factor 110 passionate step 2

After wearing this for 9 hours, I can say that this is a very nice lipstick. I think it is a bit more comfortable than the provocalips by Rimmel London. I do think I prefer the colours of my provocalips, but I will definitely try new colours from the Max Factor lipfinity range.


  • Good colour with one coat
  • I like the balm this comes with, it feels really nice
  • Stays on your lips for a long time, I kept it on for 9 hours and it still looked fine (I didn’t test this for 24 hours, because I like sleeping ;))
  • Does not smudge
  • Does not come of during eating
  • Is really comfortable to wear, doesn’t dry your lips out that much


  • You now have to put two tubes in your make up bag for your lips
  • Has to be removed with an oil based make up remover

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  1. emmalillybeauty says:

    I really like these products too! They are so long wearing – I struggle to take them off. I recently spoke about them in my Holy Grail Products post on my blog xx


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