RECIPE: peanut chocolate chunks or bonbons

When my grandmother was still alive, she would give me a bag of peanut-and-chocolate chunks every “Sinterklaas”, which is basically an extra Christmas we celebrate in the Netherlands. The combination of chocolate and peanuts will therefore always remind me of December and festivities. That is why this year I wanted to make them myself this Christmas, because then I can use a nice dark chocolate with up to 70% cocoa solids, in stead of the overly sweet chocolate they might use in commercial peanut and chocolate clusters. This version can be made in a silicon mold if you want them to look like bonbons, but rustic clusters will also taste awesome!


What you need for 20 bonbons:

  • 100g of peanuts
  • 100g of dark chocolate
  • A silicon mold
  • A microwave or a double boiler
  • A thermometer



First temper your chocolate in any way you like, I used the block seeding method by Ann Reardon, which you can find here: LINK. This involves you melting the chocolate in the microwave or using a double boiler. Then cooling it to around 36 degrees Celsius and adding a block of chocolate until it reaches a temperature of around 32 degrees.

  1. Make sure your molds are clean and very dry, otherwise the chocolate may seize
  2. Add a little bit of chocolate to the bottom of your molds, to make sure the chocolate can get into all the crevices of your mold
  3. Fill the mold with peanuts
  4. Add more chocolate over the top and bang it down to release airbubbles
  5. Let the chocolate dry and pop them out of the mold
  6. Enjoy!

Instructions in pictures

peanut bonbon step1peanut bonbon step2peanut bonbon step3peanut bonbon step4

Here you can see the results: on the left you can see how the truffles turned out when I skipped step 2. You can see that the surface isn’t smooth at all, which is why I added the chocolate to the bottom of the mold with my next try (on the right).

Tip: don’t have a mold? You can make simple peanut chocolate chunks by adding your peanut to your melted chocolate and scooping chunks of peanuts and chocolate onto waxed paper or baking paper.


Don’t like peanuts? Check out my marzipan truffle idea!


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