NAIL ART IDEA: flying kites on a pink background

This Christmas holiday is still inspiring me to paint my nails more often, because I finally have the time and patience to paint them. That and the fact I have a date tonight, I want to look cute for. I didn’t really know what to do, but I first chose this pinkish nail polish that I have just gotten. From there I just picked colours I thought went well with them and made up this kite idea. The colours are of course completely interchangeable, but I just wanted to use pink :). Let’s get started!

kite nail art supplies

These are the colours I used:

  • A base and topcoat by NYC: 202 Grand Central Station
  • A dusty pink by Essence: 04 girlstalk at the fireplace
  • A white by Rimmel London: 703 white hot love
  • A silver by Catrice: 42 Nickel Minaj
  • A black striper

As tools I used a small paintbrush. It is optional to also use a dotting tool for making the small bows on the strings of the kites, but I think it looked better when made with a paintbrush. With your non-dominant hand it could be an easier option though.

To start paint your nails with a base coat and two coats of your dusty pink.

kite nail art step 1

Next add a diamond shape in white or silver on each of your nails. I chose to alternate these colours, but in the end you couldn’t really see a difference, so either would be fine.

kite nail art step 2

Lastly outline your diamond shape in black and add a cross. Next add a squiggly line from one of the point of your diamonds and add a small bow to this line. This is the string that hangs from the kite.

kite nail art step 3

Add a topcoat to seal in your design and make it last longer.

kite nail art step 4

These nails have almost the same colour as a lipstick I own by Clinique, which I bought in a kit with a selection of miniatures. If you are curious about that, I will have a review of that up soon!



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