THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT: hand knit baby booties

I recently had a knitting workshop at a local knitting supplies shop, when I saw these baby booties standing around. I immediately fell in love with them, and of course wanted the pattern. They gave me the pattern without any payment and without a source, so I will link the site from the shop HERE.

Baby booties knit grey, yellow, dark blue mint 2.2

I wanted to share this pattern with you and translate it for anyone who doesn’t speak Dutch. I do however have to note that I did not invent this pattern, but I have no idea who did. This pattern is quite simple and can be made on a circular needle or with 4 sock needles; I prefer the circular needle. This project contains too few stitches to use the full length of your circular needle, but you can divide your work into two sections, and have a loop of your needle in between.

This project took me around 1.5 hours per bootie, so 3 hours for a pair. I think this makes them a perfect little gift for a baby shower or any baby-related occasion. They are also quite nice to make if you are on a budget.

I made these in a range of colours, and I think they are all equally cute. Let me know what colour you make these in!

Baby booties knit grey, yellow, dark blue mint.2

Supplies for two booties:

  • One circular needle or sock needles, 4mm
  • 20 grams of yarn, 4 mm
  • Darning needle to fasten off the loose ends
  • Optional: a stitch marker for your own convenience


Instructions; the sole

Cast on 6 stitches

1. Knit all stitches

2. K1, incr1, k4, incr1, k1 (= 8 st.)

3. Knit all stitches

4. K1, icr1, k6, incr1, k1 (= 10 st.)

5.-33. Knit all

34. K1, k2tog, k4, k2tog, k1 (= 8 st.)

35. Knit all

36. K1, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k1 (= 6 st.)

37. Knit all

Instructions; the bootie

Leave your stitches on the needle, take up 18 st. along each side and 4 along the bottom (= 46 st.), add a stich marker in the middle of the bottom stitches

1. Purl all stitches

2.-7. Knit all stitches

* 8. Knit until 6 stitches before the marker, k2tog 3 times, put marker on other needle, k2tog 3 times, knit remaining stitches

9. Knit all stitches * (= 40 st.)

Repeat ** 2 times (= 34 and 28 st.)

Instructions; the hem

Repeat * k2, p2* until the hem is of your desired length, around 7 cm. This will allow you to fold the hem over. Bind off; I used a technique which requires you to do the following: *k2tog, bring the stitch you just knit back from your right to your left needle*, repeat * *. Fasten off your last stitch and use your darning needle to hide away the loose ends and you’re finished! Repeat the exact same pattern to knit a second bootie.

Baby booties knit grey.2

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