SUPER CUTE: a handmade polar bear baby set – newborn

I am nowhere near getting pregnant or having children myself, but I love making tiny baby clothes. I think it is also perfect for beginners to start of with baby clothing, since you don’t have to commit yourself to a very long project. I also think that hand knit baby clothes make the perfect gift for baby showers or births if you do not have a big budget. It also shows you invested your time and dedication to make them a gift, which is always nice.

Polar bear baby set hand knit.3

This set includes booties and a hat with a polar bear face and ears. You could of course make this in brown, black or grey if you wanted it to look like a regular bear instead. I just like the idea of a polar bear, especially now that the temperatures here in Holland are dipping below zero degrees.

Let me know if you make this set and if you made any modifications.


  • One circular knitting needle, 4 mm
  • 4 stitch markers, I used tiny clear plastic hair elastics
  • 40 grams of white or off-white wool
  • A little bit of dark grey wool
  • A darning needle

Polar bear baby set hand knit top.2


For the general instructions on how to make these booties, see my previous blogpost here. After making these, add three dark grey lines to represent nails. Make sure that inside the booties there are no hanging threads any toes could get stuck behind. See the right picture below of how I tucked the threads away.


For the hat (new born size, head circumference around 35 cm):

Cast on 64 stitches, adding 4 markers, one after every 16 stitches. Make on you don’t cast on too tightly!

Row 1: *k2, p2* repeat ** until you have knitted al your stiches

Row 2-6: close the circle by *k2, p2* repeat **

Row 7-12: knit all stitches

Now start knitting together after each marker, until you only have 4 stitches left, for example:

Row 13: *k2tog, k14* repeat ** (knit 2 together after each marker) (= 60 st.)

Row 14: *k2tog, k13* repeat ** (= 56 st.)


Row 28: pull the thread trough the 4 remaining loops and tighten, fasten off


For the ears, make 2:

Cast on 4 stitches

Row 1: knit all

Row 2: k1, inc1, k2, inc1, k1 (= 6 st.)

Row 3: knit all

Row 4: k1, inc1, k4, inc1, k1 (= 8 st.)

Row 5-9: knit all

Fasten off, don’t cut of the loose threads


For the assembly and decorations:

Add on the ears, make sure they are an equal distance apart from the top of your hat. Use the loose threads on the ears to attach them to the hat.

Add a nose of dark grey wool to the front of your hat. Make sure this nose is in the middle of your two ears. Then add a stripe going straight down to the hem. Add two lines going up diagonally from this point to add a mouth. Fasten of the thread. See the picture below as a reference.

Add two V shapes for the eyes by adding two stripes, fasten off each eye individually.

Polar bear baby set hand knit hat.2


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