REVIEW: Quorn vegan filet

I am always in to try new vegan or vegetarian options at my supermarket, and this vegan chicken like filet caught my attention. Most vegan substitutes I enjoy mimic more processed types of meat, like chicken strips or veggie burgers. That is why I was super curious to see what this would taste like, so let’s get into it!

First of all, the picture on the packaging looks quite awesome! It looks like a nice vegan fillet which browns nicely when you grill it.

Quorn vegan fillet packaging

When I opened the packaging however, I have to say the filets don’t look as tasty. They are very pale and look very artificial. I didn’t expect them to look like chicken, but I was a bit disappointed with this.

Quorn vegan fillet in packagingQuorn vegan fillet in packaging open

To make them look like the picture on the front, I grilled these of in a panini press, to see if I could get the same grill marks. As you can see in the pictures below, that was a total failure. It does seem as if some colour started to show, but nowhere near the nice grill marks I was hoping for.

Quorn vegan fillet grilled.2

Now for taste; these are very, very, very bland. Maybe I should have listened to the instructions that said to enjoy them with your favourite sauce, because on their own they taste like, well, nothing. I was initially planning to eat them separately, but after my first taste I decided to cut it up and stir it trough the pasta I was eating. That was a lot better, but kind of defeats the purpose of having a filet instead of chicken strips.

Conclusion: these were not great in my opinion, the texture is okay but the flavour is very bland. Maybe eating them in a sauce like a chicken parmagiano would work, but for other uses I would just stick to faux chicken strips, like from Vivera or de Vegetarische slager. If you are interested in the creamy pasta with roasted veg I had these with, you can find the recipe

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  1. Melanie says:

    Wow, how disappointing. And vegan products are not cheap, either. Have you tried making your own “chicken” style patties? I have an easy recipe using chickpeas


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