Nail art idea: daisies, perfect for spring!

It is spring again! I was only on a winter sport holiday two weeks ago, where it was minus 12 degrees Celsius, but now back in Holland it is around plus 12 degrees; Spring is here. Spring is a perfect time to start painting your nails with brighter or softer colours. To start my nail art ideas for spring I thought I would go for a flower with fresh colours, not too bright. I like the combination of the soft white and yellow with the pink. I used this combination before on my snowflake nails, which you can find here.

You will need:

  • A top and base coat, I used Rimmel nail nurse
  • A pink nail polish, I used Rimmel London 510 euphoria
  • A white nail polish, I used Rimmel London 703 white hot love
  • A yellow nail polish, I used one by Catrice
  • A small paintbrush
  • Optional: a dotting tool



Start off with a base coat

Nails with base coat

Then add one or two coats of your pink nail polish, I used two to get a bit better coverage

Nails with rimmel london 510 euphoriaNails with rimmel london 510 euphoria two coats

Use your paintbrush to make white daisy petals; first make a big stripe the size you want your flower to be in diameter. Then add smaller stripes from the centre of that stripe going outwards. First add the stripes to one side, then to the other. See the picture below.

Daisy nail art schemeNails with daisy whites

After you have made the white part of your daisy, use the same paintbrush or a dotting tool to add the yellow harts in the middle of the whites.

Nails with daisy whites and yellow

Use a top coat to lock in your design.

TIP: for this design I painted two or three daisies on each nail using my dominant hand. Using my non-dominant hand, I find that I am much less precise, so I chose to add one or two flowers, making the daisies on the one-flower nails bigger. I think this also looks cute and adds even more variety to your nails!

Daisy nail art thumbnail

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