REVIEW: Fleur de Force eyebrow pallet #browdeforce

I never used to go to TK-Maxx, seeing that I didn’t have one anywhere near where I lived growing up. This week however I was grocery shopping near Bijlmer Arena in Amsterdam and I came across. Seeing that I like a bargain, I couldn’t resist going in. I wasn’t actually planning on buying anything, but when I saw this eyebrow pallet I simply had to get it. I love both doing my brows and watching Fleur de Force, so I thought I would share my experience with this pallet with you.


This pallet comes in package with two brow powders and a highlighter. I think I would prefer it if the highlighter was a bit smaller, and the two actual brow powders were a bit bigger, but that’s my personal opinion.

This pallet does not contain a brush, so I bought this Olivia Layne brush set (also at TK-maxx) to use the angled brush to do my brows.

Brush set olivia layne 2

I think the packaging isn’t that special, but I also don’t have any problems with it. At first I thought that it was a shame there was no mirror, but to be honest I always do my make-up in my bathroom anyway, so I don’t need an extra mirror.

Fleur the force eyelove brow pallet 3

These are my natural brows without any powder, pencil or any make-up at all to be honest. I personally think that I my brows are pretty sparse and definitely need some powder or pencil.

This is what my brows look like with the powder. I used it according to the directions on the back: using the lighter powder towards the centre of my face and using the darker colour towards the side of my face. The darker powder was a bit easier to get good coverage with, the lighter colour took a bit more effort. That is why I do not know for sure if this powder will replace my regular eyebrow pencil: in the morning every minute extra I spend on my brows is a minute less in bed 😉

After adding the highlighter I think my brows look a bit extra defined, so I do definitely like that this pallet comes with it’s own highlighter; normally I think I would be a bit too lazy to get out my highlighter as well, but this makes it just seconds work to add the highlighter.

Just to make it easier to compare the before and after, you can see the detail shots of my brows before, after powder and after powder and highlighter below this.

I really liked this product, seeing that it was easy to apply and looked pretty natural but defined. I do think that requires a bit more effort to build up colour with the lighter shad than it does with an eyebrow pencil. On days when I have a bit more time to do my make-up however, I have reached for this pallet again!

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