Festive NAIL ART IDEA: pink sprinkles

Do you have anything to celebrate? Or are you looking for a festive touch? This sprinkles-inspired nail art reminds me of sprinkles on a cake or confetti. The colour scheme could even be modified to fit a themed party! I personally chose colours that reminded me of a pink birthday cake; I do however think the tan part representing the cake and the light pink representing the frosting were a bit too similar in tone. I did however really like the look of the sprinkles on just the tips of my nails, I think this gave it a cleaner look. I would love to hear if you tried these nails out for yourself, and which colours you chose to use!


You will need:

  • A base and top coat
  • A tan colour, or any colour you want your “cake” to be
  • A frosting colour, I chose light pink (Essence)
  • Two colours for your sprinkles, I chose two shades of pink (Essence and Etos)
  • A small brush or a toothpick

sprinkles nail art supplies


First paint all of your nails with a base coat

sprinkles nail art base coat

Then, paint your entire nail with your cake colour, I chose this tan/nude colour by Essence

sprinkles nail art beige tan basis

Next, paint only the tip of your nail in your frosting colour. I found it easier to get a straight line by painting horizontally rather than vertically.

sprinkles nail art pink frosting

Use a small paintbrush or a toothpick to make small lines on the tip of your nails. Vary the direction of the sprinkles to give it a more natural look. Use two different colours.

sprinkles nail art pink frosting one colour sprinklessprinkles nail art pink frosting two colour sprinkles

Lastly, seal in your design by applying a top coat, and you’re done!

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