REVIEW: the pink or ruby KitKat #mybreak

I was just shopping for some snacks at my local convenience store (the AH to go), when I came across the chocolate section, a.k.a. the danger zone. Even though I normally prefer dark chocolate, because of the flavour and because it is slightly healthier, I couldn’t resist this pink KitKat. Something in me just wanted to see what it would taste like.

First of all, I think the packaging is pretty cute! It has the red KitKat logo, but the rest of the packaging is pink and white; a stylish combination if you ask me! It also says “Discover a new chocolate experience”, which made my curiosity even bigger!

ruby kit kat review packaging

After opening it looks like a standard KitKat, but pink of course. What I love about this idea, is that it is not simply dyed white chocolate, but according to the nestle press release: “the beans undergo a unique and innovative process to reveal the unique taste and pink colour, that is naturally in the beans”.

ruby kit kat review

Of course, when breaking a bit off, the centre of the KitKat has the same wafer centre all KitKats have.

ruby kit kat review inside

Now for the flavour, I really didn’t know what to expect, seeing that I googled the KitKat after trying it. My first idea was that it tasted a bit like strawberry flavoured white chocolate. Checking the press release it is supposed to taste “intensely like berries”, which I agree with. I did however think it lacked a bit of a real chocolatey flavour. If you are looking for a berry flavoured crisp chocolate bar however, this would be perfect.

What do you think? Are you going to try this pink KitKat? It is now available at the AH or AH to go in the Netherlands and in Japan and Korea, as far as I know.



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