Vegan Food in Glasgow pt. 2 – exploring the city

A new day in Glasgow! I am here visiting my sister and I want to see more of the city, so we decided we would go out for breakfast, after which we would take a hike around the city to see some highlights. To start our day off, we went to Turadh in Glasgow, which actually has a sign outside that they have vegan options, which is always convenient. For lunch we got something at Sainsbury’s. We had coffee in the afternoon at Waterstones and for dinner we went to Ashoka. Let me take you along my day!

Breakfast ad Turadh

Even though they advertise outside with having vegan options, it is not super clear on the menu which of the vegetarian options are also vegan, which is a bit of a downside. Now you either have to guess or ask the staff. I originally wanted to go for a Tripler with a vegan patty, hash browns and roasted mushrooms, but they were out of vegan patties and hash browns, so I was quite bummed about that. I also have to admit I didn’t ask if the hash browns were vegan, because I assumed they would be. I advise you to ask the staff before ordering though. Instead of the vegan patty I settled for baked beans.

To drink I ordered a turmeric latte made with homemade almond milk. I had never had a turmeric latte before, and I don’t really know  if I like them or not. I expected the milk to be foamy, like the foam on top of a cappuccino, but that was definitely not the case. Also, because it was made with turmeric and cinnamon, it was quite grainy. I also dislike the fact that it was served with honey, which is of course not vegan.Turadh tumeric latte with almond milk

Exploring the city

After breakfast, my sister had a nice walk planned around the city from the city guide you can find HERE We saw some beautiful buildings along the way and ended our walk at the cathedral and necropolis.

The cathedral has a lovely two story design and some amazing stained glass windows.

Glasgow cathedral (2)

The necropolis does not only offer a nice tranquil environment, but also a lovely view over the city.

Glasgow necropolis 2Glasgow necropolis 1

Lunch from Sainsbury’s

For lunch we decided we would just pop into a supermarket to grab a quick lunch. I settled for a nice four bean salad and a package of edamame beans with some soy sauce. The four bean salad was very nice and not too minty (because that can get overpowering easily). The bell pepper and corn also add some nice flavour. The edamame beans with soy sauce (of which I unfortunately did not make a picture) were also really nice!

Sainsbury's four bean salad vegan

Coffee at Waterstones

After chilling for a while, we went for a cup of coffee at Waterstones. I ordered a soy cappuccino and my sister a regular flat white. We shared a vegan empire biscuit, which was a really nice crumbly shortbread filled with jam.

Cappuccino and flat white at Waterstones Glasgow

Dinner at Ashoka

Because it was my sisters boyfriends birthday, we went out for dinner. To ensure there would be enough vegan options, we decided to go to an Indian restaurant. The staff there were super understanding, and even warned my sister her starter was not vegan after he had heard one of us was vegan. Another plus was that in the back of the menu there was a list of allergens, so if you are not only vegan, but have a gluten of nut allergy, that will really come in handy. Together we ordered some papadums with onion chutney, which were really nice and crispy. As a main I ordered a nice Jaipuri with mixed vegetables and some steamed rice on the side, and I really enjoyed that.

Papadums at Ashoka GlasgowJaipuri at Ashoka Glasgow

Dessert – Alpro salted caramel and almond ice cream

Even though I did not take a picture of this either, I have to share one of my favourite new treats; Alpro vegan salted caramel and almond ice cream. It has a lovely creamy almond base, with bits of crunchy almonds and a caramel swirl running through – what’s not to like!

Want to see what I got at Waitrose on my first day? Click HERE

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