Vegan food in Glasgow pt 3 – to the airport and back home

Unfortunate, after two days in Glasgow, it was time for me to head home again. Seeing that I had a transfer on Birmingham, this took me an entire day. I thought I would take you through the new foods I tried on my journey, to also show you that the UK is a very vegan-friendly place when you are traveling.


I had a bit of a weird breakfast that morning; I still had some Alpro soya and almond yoghurt (my absolute favourite vegan yoghurt!) with some shredded wheat. I have never seen shredded wheat in Holland before, so this was a nice discovery. I like that it is crunchy like other breakfast cereal, but it is 100% wholegrain wheat, so no added sugar or flavouring; this makes it a perfect healthy and versatile breakfast component! On the subway to the airport I tried out this diet coke with mango flavouring (talking about a healthy breakfast haha), because I had never seen it in the Netherlands either; I really liked the flavour, but it would be even better at a different time than 7 am.

Diet coke coca cola with mango flavour

At Glasgow airport

Since my flight was due at around 11 o’clock, I didn’t feel like eating anything at Glasgow Airport, but I did have a nice (and huge) cup of coffee at Panapolis. Even though I had a cup of black coffee myself, I checked several places for soy milk; Starbucks and Panapolis offered that, which is nice if you don’t like black coffee, but don’t want cow’s milk either. I think Starbucks also offered more plant based milks, like almond, oat and coconut, but I am not sure.

Birmingham airport

As I said, I had an transfer on Birmingham airport, and it was getting near lunchtime, so I hunted out the best meal deal. I found a WHS and a Boots, and after some comparison, I found that Boots had the bigger selection of vegan foods. I chose a vegan couscous salad as a main, but they also had vegetable sushi, several sandwiches, a wrap and a burger-thing; plenty of options! As a drink I got a oat latte by Jimmy’s. As a snack I got a raw millionaires shortbread.

Boots vegan meal deal

The couscous salad was very nice; it had quite a bit of veggies (2 of your 5 a day), some raisins for some sweetness and a nice herby dressing.

Boots vegan meal deal veg couscous saladBoots vegan meal deal veg couscous salad 2

The oat latte by Jimmy’s was a disappointment; I like my coffee black or creamy with milk, but I think there is one thing that coffee should never be and that is watery. This oat latte was exactly that, very watery. I would recommend getting a juice or soda instead.

Jiimys iced coffe oat latte review

The snack or dessert, which was the Livia’s kitchen raw millionaires bites with salted date caramel were a hit! The crumbly oat base and slightly salty and soft date caramel are covered with a very thin and crispy layer of chocolate; do I need to say more?

Livia's kitchen raw millionaires bites salted date caramelLivia's kitchen raw vegan millionaires bites salted date caramel

Back home again

After a day of traveling it was nice to be home again! I actually bought a mix of some fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries at the AH to go (a convenience store on train stations), which was nice, seeing that my fruit intake the last couple of days was a bit low. Seeing that the food I ate afterwards has nothing to do with Glasgow anymore, I will not bore you with that. If you are however interested in hearing more about the vegan snacks I bought while I was there, stay tuned!

Are you interested in my previous days in Glasgow? Check my previous two posts here and here!

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