Vegan food in Glasgow pt. 4 – review of Scottish/British snacks and foods

I would definitely call myself a snack lover, so when I travel abroad, I am often amazed by the different snacks to try. Since I went to Glasgow to visit my sister, I had to use this opportunity to discover new vegan snacks, and there were quite a bit of those ;). I will talk you through the snacks I bought. Though I bought them in Scotland, they may not be typically Scottish, but at least you can buy them there if you happen to be near a Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose in Scotland. I also have to say that the more typically British snacks (like dairy milk) al contained milk (wow, that is a surprise!), so I unfortunately did not try those out.

If you are also interested in the other meals I ate, check out my posts HERE, HERE and HERE. Here you will find more supermarket finds, my food at the airport and the restaurants I visited!

Tesco mixed nut bags (25 g)

This is just a very simple snack of assorted nuts, which is perfect if you want a more whole foods snack to go. It is a perfect portion package and has a nice mix of pecans, cashews and almonds.

Tesco mixed nuts snack bag

Quorn vegan smoked sandwich ham

This is off course less of a “snack” and more a general vegan food item. The slices are nice and thin and not too dry or slimy. The smokey flavour is nice and subtle, so it does not taste like a bite of smoke. I really like this on a cracker, optionally with some mustard. If you live in the Netherlands, I think it compares fairly well with the Vegetarische slager sandwich ham, but it is slightly more flavourful because of the smoked taste.

Green & Black’s – dark chocolate with raspberry and hazelnut

This is some nice dark chocolate with freeze dried raspberry and hazelnuts. I think the packaging is very pretty, with the ombre pink. The fact that this brand stands for ethical coco, empowering women and improving the lives of farmers is of course also very good. The chocolate is nice and rich, and the raspberry adds a nice fresh hint. I do think that the hazelnut is a bit overpowered by the raspberry, so I couldn’t really taste it.

Rude health – porridge with hazelnut butter and cacao

I have to be honest, I did not eat this one yet; I am still waiting for that day when I accidentally sleep in and have to have breakfast in a very short time. I have had the Tesco free from porridge pots before and they are just so convenient, especially when you are on a holiday and, for example, want to have breakfast on the road. Often at hotels they don’t have a large selection of vegan breakfast options, but we always take boiling water with us and that is the only thing you need for this porridge. I am very excited to try this one, because it has a much more interesting flavour. Even though I don’t remember ever having Nutella, I would hope this comes close!

Graze – spicy sriracha crunch, dark chocolate and cherry and protein peanut butter dipper

These packs came to my attention near the check out isle, and I just had to grab them. However, since I accidentally bought three flavours (oops…), I will review these in a separate blogpost to go a bit deeper, so stay tuned! I have so far only tried the peanut butter dipper and even though the flavour was very nice, I did think it was a bit annoying that the peanut butter separated, and had to be stirred with the dipper sticks to get it a bit smooth again. Otherwise the solids of the peanut butter would stick too much to the bottom of the packaging, which would be a waist.

Graze vegan snack packs

Snyder’s of hanover – jalapeño flavoured pretzel pieces

These pretzel pieces offer a nice and spicy salty snack. I expected the pieces to be a lot smaller (more like the size of those thin pretzel sticks), but the were actually decently sized. The flavour is very salty (but hey, I love salt!) and nice and spicy. It definitely has a nice kick, so I would not recommend this to anyone who is not a big fan of spiciness.

Buchanan’s – chocolate peppermint creams

These are individually wrapped peppermint creams in dark chocolate. Whatever you want to call them, they are basically just sugar – delicious sugar – but sugar nonetheless. I think the peppermint flavour is just strong enough to not taste like toothpaste, but to definitely be noticeable. The chocolate layer could be thicker in my opinion, but hey, “more chocolate” is kind of my life motto.

Buchanan's chocolate peppermint candy.jpg

Tesco – ginger nuts

If I would have to pick my favourite thing from the snacks I got, it would be these cookies. Not only is ginger one of my favourite spices, these cookies were also super cheap (only 50p for 300 grams). The cookies are nice and crisp, crumbly and sweet. The ginger taste is very noticeable and even has that slight heat to it. A perfect cookie if you ask me.

Tesco free from – chocolate chip cookies

These are some vegan, gluten free and wheat free cookies. They come in a package of 12, so they are great for sharing (or not ;)). They are pretty nice, but I would have liked bigger chocolate chunks in stead of the small chips. I also think the oat taste is pretty noticeable. Another downside is that they do contain palm oil, which isn’t great for the environment.

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