AUTMUMN TABLE DECORATION – a perfect pattern for left over yarn

This is going to be a super short post, but I just want to share my love for a crochet pattern I found on Pinterest lately. It is a pattern for crochet pumpkins that look knit, and since I love pumpkins, crocheting and knitting, this was the perfect pattern for me!

I am going to use these pumpkins as part of a table decoration during an autumn dinner party my parents are hosting, so they will we surrounded by the following:

  • Beechnut burrs
  • Chestnuts and chestnut cupules (hey, I learned a new word today!)
  • Pinecones

You could also add the following:

  • Real, dry leaves
  • Crochet leaves in autumn colours – see later
  • Leaves made out of felt
  • Candles


However, let’s talk about the star of the show, the crochet pumpkins. First of all, I have to give all the credits to Malloo for making the awesome pattern. Here pattern can be found HERE. The pattern she describes is for yarn and hook size 3, but using the same pattern with different sized yarn and needles makes for a super easy way to make different sized pumpkins. Here on the top you can see a pumpkin knitted in size 7-8, and on the bottom a pumpkin knitted in size 3. The right picture shows them together.

Here is a side-by-side of the two different kinds of pumpkins, “knit” (left) and “purled” (right)

I chose to make my pumpkins in shades of grey and orange-red. The grey pumpkins have orange-red stems and vice versa.

TIP: don’t have pillow stuffing lying around in your house? I use strips of a cut up old blouse I was going to throw away. This can make it a bit more difficult to thread your needle trough the pumpkin, so use a relatively sharp needle!

Here is a small example of how I would arrange some of these pumpkins with candles and autumn forest finds!

I really hoped you enjoyed this small post, definitely check out Malloo knits, and I hope you make these pumpkins!

TIP: These are some pins I found to make crochet leaves, I haven’t actually tried them out, but the look super interesting!

Love pumpkins? How about having roasted pumpkin with hazelnuts for dinner? This is one of my all time favorites and van be found HERE. Like a bit of heat? My pumpkin curry is a lovely warming dish!


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