AUTUMN DINNER PARTY: a convenient way to present loose-leaf tea

This Saturday my parents are hosting a dinner party for around 35 people and after the several courses, there is of course coffee and tea. We wanted to serve loose leaf tea (since the flavours are then a bit more special than the tea you buy in the store) but having 35 people scoop their own tea seemed a bit inconvenient. That is why we wanted to pre-fill the tea filters for our guests, but with labels to indicate the different flavours. Because our dinner is in autumn, and our table decoration is fall themed (see the post HERE), I wanted to add leaf shaped labels. This is just a quick post to show that to you!

Finished tea bag with leaves

I think the bunch of them together look really colourful, cozy and sophisticated. The colours fit an autumn theme, but I think they are not too flashy. The combination of different shapes and the gold veins on the opposite side of the label add a chique touch. You could of course experiment with different calligraphy/fonts for the tea names, I just chose two styles; more flowy and more squared.

TIP: this is also a good gift idea if you want to gift special tea, but you suspect the person you are giving it to would be too lazy to scoop their loos leaf tea each time 😉

If you are hosting a dinner party, you might want to check out my table decoration for fall, with the centerpiece being crochet pumpkins, HERE.

You will need, for 8 tea bags:

  • Around 20-40 grams of loose-leaf tea, depending on how strong you like it
  • 8 tea-filter bags
  • Grey cotton yarn, 8 lengths of around 28 cm
  • A5 coloured paper
  • Black marker
  • Gold marker
  • A stapler

Tea bag making supplies 2


  1. Cut out 8 leaves from your piece of paper, I will provide the template for this on the bottom of this page
  2. Decorate one side with leaf veins in gold, add the name on the other side in black
  3. Put the string on top of the filter bag, fold the filter over and staple to secure
  4. Knot the string and staple it onto the leave with the name
  5. Fill your tea bags with the appropriate flavour

TIP: you can make these bags at forehand, but filling would be better not too far upfront. I made the bags around a week before our dinner party and filled them the day of the dinner.

Instructions in pictures:

Cut out the leaves


Decorate with the name and gold veins


Add the string to the filter, folding and stapeling to attach it


Knot the string and staple it onto the leaf


And you’re finished!

Finished tea bag with leaf


In case you want a template for the leaves, here are the templates for the leaf shapes I used:

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