Hello everybody, this is part 4 out of 6 of my “hand knit scarf collection”. This time I want to share a scarf that not only has a nice pattern, but that is knitted with a special kind of yarn; a yarn with an ombre effect. The reason why I chose this yarn for this scarf is not only the colour, but also the sizing and yarn style. I tried this pattern out with a thicker, multi-stranded yarn before, but the loops just looked to bulky.

The yarn I used for this project has a nice ombre effect and contains only one thread

This pattern combines the knitting of loops (which I previously featured in a cross-stitch scarf that can be found on my blog) with knitting stitches out of their order, as is used in the knitting of cables, but is also featured in my zigzag scarf. This pattern is therefore a bit more challenging than the previous patterns I have showed, but I think the result is well worth it.


This scarf is 26 cm wide, 170 cm long and weighs 260 grams.

Since I did not invent the pattern, I will not give you the precise instructions here, but I will simply link you to the pattern that I followed. The pin I found this with can be found HERE and the pattern is found here.I therefore want to give all credit to Purl Soho.  


This scarf is knitted with a black-to-white ombre yarn I found at my local Action and is made from 100% acrylic. The brand is called Made by me and the specific yarn type is “Mixed” (because of the ombre effect). The yarn is a single strand, which gives this pattern a smooth look, but I also found that it is a bit more prone to breaking when under a lot of stress (like when I got a bit frustrated at some tangled yarn)

This yarn is knitted with a size 3 mm needle.

NOTE: knitting with ombre yarn poses a difficulty when your yarn runs out and you have to attach your next ball of yarn. Matching up the “stage” of the ombre is essential to yield a smooth ombre in the end. I advise you to purchase more yarn than you think you need or want, to allow this.

Since the stitches in this pattern aren’t always knitted in their original order, a stitch holder could be useful.


The pattern I used for this scarf is one that I found yet again on Pinterest,and is by Purl Soho. The precise pattern I used is found here. I chose to have 5 sets of Chevrons which is why I casted on 74 stitches. This made my scarf 26 cm wide.

The front of this scarf has the chevron, and the back of the scarf looks like a garter stitch with “bumps”. I think it looks quite pretty,which is essential for a knitting project of which both the front and the back will be on show (like a scarf).


This scarf is great combination of techniques I showed you before, the loops of my cross-stitch scarf and the knitting of stitches out of order shown in my zig-zag scarf. I think it is a great, soft-looking and very warm scarf. The ombre effect adds a nice bit of colour, but is of course not essential.

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