DIY: Pancake plant/Pilea Terrarium

This is just a super quick DIY, in which we will be making a mini terrarium for a pancake plant or Pilea Dutch; pannekoekenplant). Pancake plants are all over Pinterest, where you can find loads of tips on how to propagate. In this DIY we will be focusing on something else; making a cute terrarium, using an old glass jar and a cork coaster. I think it makes a very cute home decoration, but it is also a great idea for an affordable gift!

The things you will need:

  • An old glass jar;
  • A cork coaster (TIP: the finer the cork in your coaster, the easier it is to file it smooth);
  • A small serrated knife;
  • Superglue;
  • A file with a coarse and fine side;
  • A pen;
  • Some dirt;
  • A pancake plant to propagate.

How to do it:

Using your glass jar as a template, draw three circles which are just a bit bigger than the opening of your jar. You can make them all the same size, or you can cut one slightly smaller than the opening and one slightly larger

Draw your circles

Cut the circles from the coaster using your knife. ATTENTION: if you are a child, please ask your parents to do this

Using superglue, glue your circles to each other

Glue your circles together, this might be a bit messy

File down your stack of circles to make a conic shape; this will be slightly easier if you chose to begin with circles that increased in size.

TIP: make sure that when you file, you use the coarse side to shape the coasters so that the smaller end fits inside of your jar, while the broader end cannot be pushed inside the jar

Use the smooth side of your file to neaten the cork lid

Filing makes it a lot neater and smoother

Fill the bottom of you jar with dirt and add a propagated pancake plant

Place the cork into the jar and voìla; you have a pretty terrarium.

Isn’t it cute?

Here you can see the effect of the filing (left and right). The top lid is made using a fine cork, the bottom lid is made using a chunkier cork. You can see that the bottom one isn’t as smooth.

TIP: don’t like the look of this Pilea? Use a succulent of your liking 🙂

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