RECIPE: Quick vegan pumpkin and swede soup

I hope you enjoyed my roasted tomato soup (which can be found here), which I made for a meal-prep two weeks ago. This week I am back cooking soup to meal-prep lunches for the week with another warming soup. Since it is still quite cold, I thought I would use some nice pumpkin (bottle gourd, but other pumpkin would work perfectly fine as well) and some swede, a vegetable I had never used before coming to the UK. It has a lovely earthy flavour, comparable to parsnips (at least, I think so).

This soup is a lot quicker than my roasted tomato soup, so it is a perfect option if you don’t want to spend a lot of time to prepare healthy lunches for the week. This soup is oil-free, but you can add (soy) creamer to make it creamier.

The batch I made was quite large, since I used a large bottle gourd and large swede, but I always think soup is good to freeze; just portion it out in separate containers, pop it in the freezer and defrost when needed. Since it is already liquid, nothing spectacular will happen to the texture or flavour during freezing/defrosting.

Ingredients for 8 portions:

  • 1 large bottle gourd
  • 1 large swede
  • 1 medium onion
  • 2 stock cubes
  • 5-6 sage leaves
  • 4-5 thyme stalks
  • 1.5 L of boiling water
  • Optional: some soy creamer


  1. Cut up your vegetables, add all vegetables, stock cubes, herbs and boiling water to a pan
  1. Boil for 20 minutes, let cool down a bit before blending
  2. Blend with an (emersion) blender
  3. If using, add soy creamer and blend
  1. Store in separate containers for the week and heat up (in the microwave, 3-3.5 min full power works for me) and enjoy with crackers or bread

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