SPRING NAIL ART: daffodil nails

Being in quarantine means you can make time to do the things (inside) that you normally don’t make time for. For me, one of those things is painting my nails. Plus, not being able to go into work/university means I am actually allowed to wear nail polish as well 😉

For this weeks nail art I have decide to paint on these daffodils, since the emergence of these flowers always puts me in a spring-mood. I remember making paper versions of them in arts and crafts classes in primary school, and we always used to make the petals yellow and the hearts orange. That is why I chose this particular colour scheme.

If you are a bigger fan of daisies, definitely check out my previous tutorial on daisy-nails HERE. Coincidentally, it uses the same Rimmel London nail polish as the background, it seems I really love that colour!


  • Dotting tool
  • Small paintbrush
  • Base coat ( I used NYC 202)
  • Nail polishes in the colours:
    • Yellow, I used Catrice cosmetics 700 Birdy reloaded
    • Orange, I used an old Etos brand one
    • White, I used Ciaté
    • Pink (or any other background), I used Rimmel London 510 Euphoria
  • A small dish to mix colours


  1. Use a base coat to protect your nails
  1. Use one or two coats of background colour of your choice
  1. Mix your yellow with white to make a pale yellow and make six pointed asterixis on each of your nails, scattering them around the middle and edges. I used a dotting tool for this, dragging the polish from the flower centre to the tip of the petals
  1. Mix some orange with yellow and white to make a pale orange. Add a triangular shape to the centre of your pale yellow flowers with one point at the centre of your flower, I used a small paintbrush for this
  1. Add a spot of dark orange to the “opening” of your flowers, on the top side of your triangle, using a small paintbrush
  1. Add a top coat and you’re done!

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