NAIL ART: sky blue geometric nail art

We are still in lock down and I still have too much time and too little to do. That is why this week, I am presenting another nail art design. I saw this beautiful Herôme nail polish in my nail polish drawer and I just had to use it. To be honest, the way it came out, it could be perfect for a snow/ice/frozen inspired nail art, but let’s forget that for a moment.

For this design, you don’t need a brush or dotting tool and you don’t need a very steady hand, since the skinny tape will make your life a lot easier. However, sticking it down onto your own nails with the other hand isn’t too easy either, so no shame in asking a friend (or in this situation, roommate or family member) for a little bit of help.

I hope you are staying safe, and staying sane!


  • Base coat
  • A white nail polish, I used Ciaté
  • A blue nail polish, I used Herôme
  • Very skinny tape
  • Optional: some sparkle


  1. Apply a base coat to protect your nails
  1. Paint the nail of your ring finger white, paint all other nails blue
  1. Add a second coat
  1. Add your design on your white nail as follows:
    • Add a stripe across near the bottom
    • From that stripe, go up in the middle of your nail to divide it length ways
    • From that long stripe, make three stripes going diagonally on each side
  1. Add a coat of blue polish, wait a little while and remove the tape to reveal your design
  1. Add a top coat and an optional piece of sparkle

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