DIY: Knit Spanish slippers

Call me boring, but I like giving (and receiving) socks. I showed you before how to knit baby socks or booties, which I still think make a perfect (baby shower) gift. However, my brother-in-law recently celebrated his birthday and I didn’t know what to gift him, but I noticed he always wore slippers or warm socks inside the house. That is when I thought, I can make him some of my own! He did voice some concerns about the slipperiness of my hand knit designs, so especially for him, I added Rico Sock stop dots to the bottom of the slippers, which is a tip for all of you out there with hand knitted slippers and slippery floors 😉

These knitting instructions are for slippers that measure 25 cm in length, which can stretch to 29 cm. This means that it will fit loosly for a size EU 39 (UK 6) and more snugly for a size EU 44 (UK 9.5). I generally think that it could be a universal men’s size


  • 100gr of yarn, 6mm; I used Julia by Zeeman (80% polyamide and 20% wool)
  • 5mm knitting needles
  • A needle to sow the seems
  • Optionally: sock stop liquid latex

Instructions – Knitting

Cast on 16 stitches

R1-24: Knit all stitches

R25: cast on another 16 stitches

R26-R96: Knit all stitches

R97: Bind of the first 16 stitches on the needle, knit the remaining 16 stitches

R98-120: Knit all stitches

Bind off the remaining 16 stitches.

The final product should look like this:

Instructions – Assembly

Fold one of the small squares over like shown below

Take the shorter side and fold to meet the part folded before

Take the second smaller square and fold the two red dots to meet each other

Sow the touching sides together, creating your slipper

Weave in the ends and you’re done!


For a women’s size, cast on 14 or 15 stitches and kit for 22 rows instead of 24, 66 instead of 72 and 22 instead of 24 again.

Or alternatively, knit the same pattern with a smaller size needle, for a compacter and smaller finished piece.

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