REVIEW: Urban Decay Vice lipstick – blackmail

I love a good liquid lipstick. Previously, I have reviewed several lipsticks by high end and drug store brands. Some of my favourites include the YSL liquid lipstick (which I unfortunately cannot find anymore, which I am pretty sad about) and the Dior liquid lipstick. However, these lipsticks, in contrast to the drug store, two-step liquid lipsticks, tend to be a little bit less waterproof and smudge resistant. Therefore, when I saw this Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in this beautiful dark colour (similar to the Dior poison metal colour I reviewed before), I just had to try it!

The packaging isn’t as sleek as some of the more high end brands, but nice nonetheless. It is 5.3 mL or 0.17 fl oz. When you open the box, it is very easy to see the colour of the lipstick itself. It has gold lettering and a mixed metal look, with a gold band and copper coloured lid, which I think looks very classy.

When you open the tube, it has a nice doe foot applicator, which I tend to prefer over, for example, the applicator that comes with the YSL liquid lipstick. The colour is a deep purply red, without a simmer or metallic sheen, which I think is great for a more day-to-day look (if you can call this rich colour day-to-day ;)).

The lipstick comes with some application instructions. Firstly, you should line your lips (I didn’t do that). Secondly, after applying a first coat, you should not rub your libs together, but wait for the first coat to dry. Then, if desired, apply a second coat and let dry again.

It applies very easily, without to much patchiness. On the left you can see my lips before applying the lipstick, in the middle after one coat and on the right after two coats. The lipstick dries down very comfortably, and does not feel sticky at all. To be honest, it feels like a two-step liquid lipstick, but if you press or try to smudge it really hard, some colour does transfer.

After wearing this lipstick for 8 hours, I can definitely say that I am a fan! Just like a liquid lipstick with two steps, I would recommend using an oil-and-lotion make-up remover (or any make-up remover fit for waterproof make-up). It feels very comfortable, and I will definitely wear it again (and maybe purchase some more colours!).

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