REVIEW: Alpro barista almond, does it really foam well?

I love coffee. I like it black or with (soy)milk. However, when I do add plantbased milk to my coffee, I am a bit picky. I want a nice bit of foam and I don’t want it to seize (which sometimes happens if the coffee is a bit more acidic, especially with decaf-coffee). Of course I also want it to taste well; it should be sweet enough to soften the taste of the espresso, but it shouldn’t be overly sweet… Boy, I am quite picky.

My current favorite in making cappuccino’s is (un)sweetened soy milk, which I just buy the Albert Heijn brand of. The unsweetened version contains a bit more protein, but I do add some sweetners to it to make it taste a bit less beany and a bit more pleasantly, without adding sugar. However, I was in the supermarket the other day and noticed all “Barista” plantbased milks were on offer, so I wanted to try something new. I did not want to try soy-barista-milk, since I think soymilk foams well anyway. Since some people are allergic to soy or find the taste offensive, I wanted to try the almond based version, and review it here to tell you if it is worth the price!

The packaging of this milk is pretty nice, it has an image of a delicious looking coffee on the front and promises us that this milk will foam perfectly. It says it works best with chilled milk that is not heated above 70 degrees C (on the side of the package), but I use an automatic frother, so I have no idea about the peak temperature ;).

The milk smells quite nice, and looks less watery than I would say regular almond milk is. To compare, regular, unsweetned almond milk contains about 12 kcal/100mL and sweetend 22 kcal/100mL, while this contains 24 kcal/100mL. It is mostly higher in sugar, not really in protein. See the comparison on the table below.

per 100 mLAlpro unsweetned almond – freshAlpro barista almondAlpro sweetened almond
kcal13 kcal24 kcal22 kcal
fat1.1 g 1.2 g1.1 g
saturated0.1 g0.1 g0.1 g
carbohydrates02.6 g2.4 g
sugars02.5 g2.4 g
fiber0.4 g0.3 g0.4 g
salt0.13 g0.08 g0.14 g
vitamine D 0.75 µg0.75 µg
vitamine E1.8 mg1.8 mg
vitamine B20.21 mg0.21 mg
vitamine B120.38 µg0.38 µg
calcium120 mg120 mg120 mg
Alpro barista almond milk is nutritionally similar to sweetened almond milk, but does not contain added vitamins and it contains some non-sugar carbohydrates, I think to stabilize the foam

Now onto the foaming! I use a Krups electric milkfoamer set to the highest setting (the one that gives the most foam and the least warm milk). The milk foams a lot better than regular almond milk (which is to say, better than not at all), but the foam isn’t silky smooth, but rather has some course bubbles. As you can see in the image below, this is made with about 100mL of barista almond milk and a double espresso. If I were to use soy milk, the entire glass would be filled to the top and the foam would be a lot firmer and glossier. However, the almond barista foam does hold up and doesn’t collapse. The taste is quite nice, it has a bit of an almond flavour, but it is not in-your-face.

To conclude, I do think this milk isn’t worth it for me. A liter costs 2.59, which would buy me almost three packs of regular soy milk from the Albert Heijn own brand (at 0.88 a liter), and I think I do prefer soy milk foam. However, if you don’t like the taste of soy, or you have an allergy, I do think that this milk is a great option, seeing that regular almond milk just never works for me.

Let me know, do you think this is worth it?

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