VEGAN ICE CREAM REVIEW: Oppo simply the zest

I love trying out new vegan products, especially ice cream. I have previously tried several kinds of (low calorie) ice cream, some with more success than others. My favourite regular ice cream is probably the Alpro salted caramel and almond, or Ben and Jerries coconutterly caramelled. I enjoyed the Alpro 360 flavours that I tried, but the Halo top caramel flavour did not float my boat. I previously also reviewed the Oppo “Very almond berry”, which I still buy when I get the chance; the texture is a bit unusual and the flavour quite artificial, but I actually really enjoy it (my boyfriend very much disliked it though – no matter, more for me!).

This ice cream comes in a tub that provides 157 kcal per half tub, so 314 if you eat it entirely. However, even with these ice creams, I prefer just to eat a smaller portion, call me weird…

This ice cream is coconut and rice based, and it contains a lemon sauce swirl and pieces of lemon zest. The ice cream looks like a pale vanilla ice cream, not like a lemon sorbet which I was afraid of. Just like the very almond berry flavour, it is very hard. I normally put my ice cream into the fridge for 20 minutes before trying to scoop it, but I tend to put the Oppo ice cream at room temp for about that time. Even then, it remains a bit difficult to scoop.

The texture of this ice cream is nice and creamy, although a bit artificial (it is hard to point out what that is, maybe some of the stabilizers?). The ice cream base tastes quite mellow, which is probably due to the rice. The lemon flavour isn’t too pronounced, and is more present in the nice saucy swirl. The pieces of lemon zest add a bit of texture and a pop of bitterness. The first time I bit into one I was apprehensive, but after a few bites I enjoyed the different flavours a lot.

All in all I would recommend this ice cream, but I do think I like the more pronounced marzipan-berry flavour of the “Very almond berry”.

Comparing the nutritional values of this ice cream with my favourite ice cream:

 Oppo “Simply the zest”Alpro salted caramel and almond
Tub size475 mL500 mL
Tub weight265 gram335 gram
Calories per 100 mL66111
Calories per 100 grams118166
Calories per tub314555

If we compare the nutritional value per 100 mL, it seems as if the Alpro ice cream contains 2x the calories. However, since the nutritional values per 100 grams are only 1.4x as high, a large part of that is explained by the fact that the Oppo ice cream contains more air. Not that it matters too much, but just for your information, part of you cutting calories, is you eating more air 😉

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