Albert Heijn – Vegan apple pie review

Vegan stuff is coming to Dutch supermarkets and I am here for it! Recently, Albert Heijn added some vegan desserts (honestly, I wouldn’t buy them again) and now there’s apple pie! This is just a short review of the apple pie, which I hope will be helpful!

The apple pie is 2.50 for two slices, I think that’s reasonable. The flavour is okay, very much like the flavour I remember from “regular” supermarket apple pie. The sugar on the crust adds some pleasant crunch. Honestly, store bought apple pie will never be as good as homemade apple pie; I prefer apple pie with less raisins and a good helping of nuts. However, the absence of nuts from this pie makes it more friendly for those with allergies. The only allergen that is present is wheat, although it can contain traces of other allergens.

In conclusion, this is a nice treat if you want something sweet for a vegan in your life, if you want something insanely delicious, bake your own 😉

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