Ugly Christmas sweater Christmas cards

I know this is a bit early, but I made these last minute last year and was too late to upload it then. These Christmas cards are a bit non-traditional but perfect for a person who is into knitting.

The supplies are quite simple, although some of the steps might be a bit tricky. The things you need will be:

Needed stuff

  • Blank cards
  • Wooden skewers
  • Wooden beads with a hole large enough to fit your skewers (but not too big)
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Paper with a Christmas pattern
  • Thread in a colour matching to your patterned paper
Supplies needed

How to make

  1. Cut your wooden skewers to a size that is about one third or half the width of your blank card
  2. Glue the wooden beads to the blunt side of those cut wooden skewers, these are your knitting needles
  3. Cut out the shape of a sweater and some sleeves from your patterned paper
  4. Lay out the sweater shapes and tape them together on the back
  5. Apply a layer of glue on the bottom of your sweater (on the back) and use your thread to make loops
    • TIP: if your tread does not want to stick to the paper but sticks to your fingers instead, you can use a small strip of paper on top of your thread loops to press them down
  6. Stick one of your needles through the loops, glue this needle onto the card and a second skewer through the rightmost loop
  7. Take the end of the thread attached to this side and cut it, but not too short
  8. Roll the end of it onto a small circle of paper (some leftover from the sweater) and glue it down (this is your ball of yarn)
  9. Glue the ball of yarn to the card
  10. Add some writing: “Have yourself a cozy Christmas” or anything you want and you’re done!

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