REVIEW: Almhof vegan chocolate mousse

Over the past few years, more and more mainstream brands have been making vegan alternatives, like non-dairy Ben & Jerries for example. And even though you do not have to have these alternatives to have a great-tasting vegan diet, I love the convenience if I want to treat myself to a sweet, unhealthy snack. This surge in vegan products means that there is now not one, not two, but three kinds of vegan chocolate mousses in my favorite Dutch Supermarket (the Albert Heijn), although their own brand one is not great. This supermarket tends to be slightly more expensive, but tends to have the largest assortment of vegan products and has better promotions (in my opinion). My review of the Alpro double chocolate mousse will follow later, but for now, let’s take a look at the Almhof vegan chocolate mousse!

First, let me get out of the way that I think their commercials are obnoxious and having “happy” cows in a dairy commercial is highly ironic, but I support their choice to offer vegan products. The packaging for this mousse follows their dairy line, but with more green. It is a plastic tub with a removable paper lining for your recycling (nice!) and a tub contains 200 grams, and since it looks to be about the size of a 400mL tub, it looks and feels airy even before opening it.

The texture of the mousse is quite firm and it looks a bit dry (rather than liquidy), and contains a lot of air. Taking a bit, you can taste that is has coconut in it, but besides that, it is very chocolaty and rich. The texture is firm and velvety, and actually very pleasant. If you take a few more bites, the coconutty tastes disappears into the background a bit more and you’re left with just chocolatey goodness! I honestly was very positively surprised by the taste and texture, and ate it in two sittings.

The price for a tub is 2.65, which sounds reasonable to me. And since they do not have it at the small supermarket close to where I live, I will have to take a detour to get it anyway, so I won’t be buying it every week for that reason. All in all, I highly recommend trying it if you get the chance. Of course this post is not sponsored, because hardly anyone reads my blog.

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