About me

Hi, I am Guusje, the owner of cocoacooning. As you may see from the title of my blog, I like cocoa and cocooning! This blog however, is not just about chocolate, but about all the foods I love. I have been vegetarian for over 16 years, so this blog will contain only vegetarian recipes. Since moving out about 7 years ago, I have been exploring more plantbased recipes, and eat mostly vegan nowadays. Therefore you can also expect a lot of vegan recipes! When I eat with other people, I still eat some vegetarian foods.

Besides food, I also love making things: I love knitting, crochet, sewing and other types of DIY. That is why I also want to take you with me on my various DIY projects. For me, crafting things is a form of relaxation; I love cocooning in my bed, watchin Netflix and knitting a scarf (no, I am not a grandma).

Love, Guusje