PRODUCT REVIEW: vegan tuna (good catch)

I recently wanted to test out some (new) vegan products, and one of the products I had my eyes on was a vegan tuna alternative by Good Catch. I had to go to another supermarket (the Plus) to get this, and it was fairly pricey, 3.15 euro’s for 94 grams. One of the things that drew me to this version, Naked in water, was the fact that it has little fat in it, and quite a bit of protein. This means that it is, nutritionally, quite a good tuna replacement, but how does it compare in taste?

First of all, the chunks of “tuna” in this product are quite big and firm, as you can see in the image above. I also did not really know if I had to drain this of the water that was in here; I decided not to. I tasted one of the chunks plain and I thought the texture was a bit dry and firm, but the taste had a bit of a fishy/oceany taste, which I quite liked.

For the dish I made, I tried to make a sort of spicy tuna, by mixing it with vegan mayo and sweet chili sauce. I think I would do two things different next time; drain the tuna to prevent it from becoming to watery and use a non-sweet chili (but my mom does not like spicy things, so I went with the sweet chili this time). I served it with a sushi bowl with edamame, rice with sesame and nori and some diced cucumbers, to which I added some wasabi.

Now for the taste test. I think the taste in this kind of spicy tuna salad is quite nice, but the texture is off. So for next time I would chop the tuna chunks and I would add more mayo and chili, to more mimic the kind of spicy tuna salad you sometimes find in sushi rolls. I would definitely use this product again, but sparingly, since it is so expensive for a little amount.

Do you have any good vegan fish alternatives? Let me know!

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