PRODUCT REVIEW: valsoya caramel and chocolate “Magnums”, ice cream on a stick

I recently went on a trip to a different supermarket (the Plus), which has a different vegan range of products than my normal supermarket. I therefore wanted to test some things and share my experience with you guys, especially since my vegan Halo Top and Oppo ice cream reviews are some of my more popular posts. For this review I will be going over the Valsoya caramel and chocolate ice cream on a stick, which is a vegan Magnum alternative. This box of three pieces was 2.29.

First of all, the ice cream sticks are of a good size, approximately as big as a regular (vegan) magnum, and the amount of calories is comparable, though slightly less, as well. One of these treats comes in at 228 calories. The sticks have a nice, dark chocolate coating.

Biting in to the stick, the coating has a nice snap to it, and it tastes quite nice. As with all magnum-like popsicles, the chocolate has the tendency to snap off in pieces, resulting in a chocolatey mess on my clothes, but that is not necessarily unique for this brand. One downside I have to note is that the actual icecream (which is supposed to be cashew based and caramel flavoured) does not have a very rich texture. It actually feels a slight bit icy, though the subtle caramel flavour is quite nice. I think in terms of texture it is worse than the vegan magnums I am used to.

Overall, this is quite a nice snack, but in the future, I will probable buy the vegan Magnums, since I think the texture of the ice cream is nicer. Let me know, did you try these?

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