NAIL ART IDEA: pink snowflake, perfect for Christmas!

I used to love painting my nails in high school, but when I started medicine at uni, I was often not allowed to wear nail polish when I had practical work. That is why the last couple of years I haven’t done that much nail art anymore. But since it is now my Christmas vacation I have the freedom to paint my nails however I want! I recently bought this pink nail polish by Rimmel London, colour 510; euphoria, and I wanted to use it to paint my nails for Christmas. Since it is probably not going to be a white Christmas here in Holland, let’s bring some snow to our nails instead!

You will need:

  • A top and base coat
  • A pink nail polish, I used Rimmel London 510 euphoria
  • A white nail polish, I used Rimmel London 703 white hot love
  • A dotting tool
  • A small paintbrush


First paint your nails with a base coat and then two coats of your pink. You can see here that one coat was not that opaque, but two coats did the job.

Next, add three crossed lines to your nails, then add V-shapes to the end of all the lines. Add a small dot above the V. You can add this snowflake to all of your nails, or add it two some and just add dots to your other nails. This is especially handy for painting with your non-dominant hand.

On one of my other nails I made a cross of two larger and two smaller lines. Next, I added two V-shapes to the larger lines, making the outside one slightly smaller.

On the rest of my nails I made crosses with three or four lines and dots, to give a snowy effect.


I hope you like this nail look, definitely let me know if you make this design on your nails!

Snowflake nailart pink and white

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