VEGAN ICE CREAM REVIEW: Oppo very almond berry

I love trying out new vegan products, especially ice cream. I have previously tried several kinds of (low calorie) ice cream, some with more success than others. I enjoyed the Alpro 360 flavours that I tried (see HERE), while the different Halo top flavours were less of a hit (especially the salted caramel flavour, see my post HERE). So when I saw this new vegan ice cream by Oppo in my local supermarket in the Netherlands, I just had to give it a try.

This ice cream comes in a tub that provides 160 kcal per half tub, so 320 if you eat it entirely.

This ice cream is coconut based, but also contains a raspberry sauce swirl and crunchy pieces of almond. The ice cream looks great when you open the tub, but I immediately ran into a slight problem; the ice cream is very hard. I always put my ice cream into the fridge for 20 minutes before trying to scoop it, but this ice cream did not soften at all. Even letting it sit out at room temperature for 5-10 minutes did not do much. Scooping was therefore quite hard, but not impossible with some brute force.

NOTE: I purchased this ice cream a second time and left it out at room temperature for around 20 minutes and it scouped out amazingly! It was soft and mousse like in texture! I don’t know if something went wrong with my first tub….

Strangely enough (and luckily) the texture of the ice cream when you eat it, is not icy at all. It even has a creamy texture and does not taste of coconut too much. The ice cream tastes to me like delicious marzipan with a fresh berry swirl. It is especially great with some vegan whip on top, but even without it tastes great. The pieces of almond provide a nice textural difference with the creamy ice cream.

All in all I would definitely recommend this ice cream and to be completely honest, I have bought a new tub already ;). The only thing I still need to figure out is how to make it more scoopable without melting it. If you have any tips for how long to leave it out (or other ways) let me know!

Look at that mousse like texture with a berry swirl!
A perfect (late night) snack!

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