RECIPE: sushi bowl with edamame, wakame, wasabi cucumber and smoked tofu

I personally think that everything looks cuter in a bowl. I also think I do not have time to roll sushi. That is why I love making sushi bowls for dinner. This sushi bowl combines all my favourite sushi bowl components: a salty smoked tofu, wakame (seaweed salad), rice, edamame, the freshness of cucumber and a little spice from wasabi. You can make of course customize the components of this sushi bowl, but I would definitely recommend trying smoked tofu and not regular tofu. Smoked tofu is a bit firmer and, in my opinion, way more flavourful. This smoked tofu with sesame and almond from Taifun is my current absolute favourite. In the Netherlands you can fid it at the Ekoplaza, so if you are ever near one, pick up this tofu!

Sushibowl with smoked tofu, wasabi cucumber, edamame en wakame 2.2

Ingredients for two people:

  • 200 grams of smoked tofu (I used the Taifun with sesame and almond)
  • 150 grams of dry (jasmine) rice
  • 200 grams of (frozen and thawed) edamame beans
  • One container of wakame seaweed salad (125 grams)
  • One cucumber (300-400 grams), cubed
  • A tsp. of wasabi paste
  • A sheet of nori, cut in to small pieces using scissors
  • A sprinkling of salt

TIP: like to add some crunch? Use my crispy baked edamame beans in stead of regular edamame beans!


  1. Start by boiling your rice according to package directions, when done, drain and add your nori pieces
  2. Add your wasabi paste and salt to a bowl and add your cucumber cubes. The salt will draw out water from the cucumber, making it easier to equally distribute the wasabi over the cucumber
  3. Cut your smoke tofu into thin strips and bake in a dry pan until browned and slightly crispy
  4. Add your rice with nori, wasabi cucumber, edamame beans, wakame salad and crispy tofu to a bowl
  5. Dig in and enjoy!

Sushibowl with smoked tofu, wasabi cucumber, edamame en wakame 1.2

NOTE: this specific kind of tofu I used does contain wheat, so if you are looking for a gluten free alternative, I suggest using their Black Forest Tofu, which is made with tamari instead of soy sauce.

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